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Camp Hobe–A Chance To Serve

A few weeks ago I was on Twitter and saw a call for help from a photographer in Salt Lake, Kelli Bramble.  I jumped at the opportunity to be her assistant at Camp Hobe, a camp for children who are being treated for cancer and their siblings.  We went in through an organization called, Flashes of Hope.  Their mission is to provide families with beautiful portraits celebrating their children and to help each child feel comfortable with their changing bodies.

Child PhotographyPINIMAGE

It was a heartbreaking and humbling experience to see how children persevere through a really difficult time while still enjoying life.   Kelli and I chose to think that everyone there was a sibling and no one was sick.  Unfortunately I know that wasn’t true.  One of the hardest things for me was to listen to was a 5 and 6 year old little boy and girl talk to each other  about how many rounds of chemo and radiation they had gone through and their experience.

I was reminded how powerful photography is!  Our second day of camp we photographed children that were too young to stay overnight. We also photographed children too sick to be away from their families and medicines overnight.  We had several parents that came and supported their children while at camp.  Every parent that I chatted with teared up talking about their love for their children.  Each parent expressed their appreciation for the photographs and remembering this time in their lives.  Photographs definitely appreciate with time!

Here is an iPhone photo of all the volunteers and volunteer photographers from the first day  we visited camp.


It was a great opportunity to meet so many great photographers!  Thank you Darryl Dobson, Nick Sokoloff, Pepper NixLeah MillerKelli Bramble and Logan Walker for such a memorable day.

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