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Since we’re all friends here, I’ll tell you a confession:  I scheduled my posts for last week to actually post in November.  Ooops!  How did I click the wrong days, let alone the wrong month?   The one post that was a little time sensitive:

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Happy 16th Anniversary to my cute parents! Love you!

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  • Chelsea Lewis - That is a silly thing! =) I’m pretty sure I’ve done something similar, but mine is far more embarrassing, so I’ll share it with just you instead of in a comment! Hah!

    PS. Has anyone ever told you that you look just like your mom? =)

    Happy Anniversary to them!ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea Lewis - Oh and PPS. I haven’t stopped by your blog in a while, for obvious reasons… but it looks SO AWESOME! You’ve made some changes since I last saw! =)ReplyCancel

  • Ryan Olsen - I have done the same thing only in reverse, and with the wrong year. Good company we are.ReplyCancel

I have really amazing clients and friends!  There are unique things about each family that I love.  One client in particular, I never cease to be amazed by: beautiful Nicole.   Nicole has one of the most radiant countenances.  She literally lights up a room and brings happiness with her wherever she goes.  Earlier this year Nicole and her husband, Talon, became parents.  Their daughter, Adalyn, had several medical emergencies starting from her birth.  Nicole & Talon have been optimistic and full of faith from the start.  Nicole’s blog is very inspiring to me as she shares her experiences of her husband going to medical school, her daughter’s health challenges and life in a new state. ‘No Surgery‘ is one of my favorite posts and reminds me of what matters most.

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I love extended family sessions!  It is a great way to see the roots of a family and watch how they all interact.  I have known the Clark family for almost 9 years!  I love my ‘Mama’ LeAnn and ‘Papa’ Lynn.  🙂PINIMAGEIt’s amazing to think that all of this happened all because two people fell in love!  Look at all of these adorable grandkids!PINIMAGEWe had to capture a photograph of the sisters!  I love them all and get a kick seeing them interact with each other, their kids, nieces, nephews and parents.  You don’t have to observe for very long to see how much this family loves each other.PINIMAGEAli is the oldest, she is a great support to her husband, Dee, while he runs Papa Kelseys in Logan.  I love to go down and grab a quick slice of Mater Bread for lunch when I feel that I need an extra special treat.  If you love garlic bread, cheese and tomatoes, you must go try it today.  It’s the best!PINIMAGEKatie & Corey.  I love that they have baby Corey and Langley.  Katie has one of the most contagious laughs that always brings a smile to your face.  I particularly like to tease big Corey about the University of Texas being better than Tennessee University. (I don’t really know much of anything about these teams, except for one day Corey and I both showed up to a family event wearing our orange ‘T’ hoodies.  He quickly told me that his team was better than my team.  I support the University of Texas because my husband loves them and bought me a hoodie to wear.) Go LONGHORNS! PINIMAGEHolly has been one of my best friends!  I was really grateful that a nice person was assigned to be my cashier coach when I first started working at Maceys.  Holly and I were roommates for nearly 5 years.  One sad thing (yet it was a great service) was that Holly was out in the mission field, serving in Uruguay when I got married.  At my wedding luncheon, I had a place set just for her with her picture and most recent letters.  My husband was sweet enough to ensure that we were engaged before Holly left on her mission to make sure that she was involved with our wedding activities in some way.  Holl, I love you!PINIMAGEThe youngest is adorable Lynsey, she’s married to Greg.  One of my favorite memories with Lynsey is one spring break Holly and I went to visit her in St. George.  For some reason we thought that it was hilarious that she lived in ‘Rebel’s Roost’.  We went out clothes shopping with Lynsey, visited with her friends, watched the March Madness games and had a great time.

Through your hugs, calls, text messages, yummy corn at the Cache Valley Fair, excess teasing and harassing, letting me hold your cute little kidlets,  hilarious trip to Lagoon, you’ve  made me feel like a part of the family.   I love you all!

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President Thomas S MonsonPINIMAGE

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My weekend was amazing!   I am grateful to belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  My faith and religion is the one  thing I cherish very most.  Semi – annually members of the church gather and receive inspiration and instruction from world-wide church leadership.  These church meetings are broadcast via satellite, internet and radio to more than 100 countries and translated into respective languages.

After watching general conference I always feel regenerated and have a perspective of what matters of most.  One thing I also really love about conference is that Craig & I watch it together and then have great discussions about what we learned.  One of my favorite talks was from President Deiter F. Uchtdorf.  He talked about how God loves us.  He said, “You are NOT invisible.  God loves you. The Lord uses a different scale than the world to measure the worth of souls! YOU matter to him!”


To learn more about what I believe visit this link.

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Meet the cute Jackson Family.  They recently moved from Logan to Layton and we certainly miss seeing them!  I was really excited when they stopped in Logan on their way to Shelley, Idaho Spud Days for  family photos.   Craig & Colin have been friends from their Fillmore days.  It was really exciting when they moved into our ward and we had an instant connection with them.  Melissa has been my life saver so many times.  One of the best things is that she introduced me to Zumba!  (the first exercise that I absolutely LOVE)  Their little boy Marcus is adorable and of course I have adopted him as one of my ‘nephews’.  I think now I’m an aunt to over 40 ‘nieces’ and ‘nephews’!PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEI can’t believe that Marcus is already one.  Happy Belated Birthday Marcus!PINIMAGE

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  • Cindy Steel - Holy cow! When I left Marcus was just a baby and now he is such a cute little big boy! haha, I love the bottom picture, so cute!!!! Beautiful job Belinda! 🙂ReplyCancel