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This weekend we went to Fillmore so I could photograph this beautiful little one year old girl and her adorable chunky legs 🙂  I can say that since she’s my niece and I have unconditional love for her! year old portraitsPINIMAGEFor our nephew it was a special treat to get to play the old school nintendo.  I captured this photo while he looked at Craig after he showed him a new secret place…I love the expression in his eyes.
the special nintendo treatPINIMAGEOne moment that I was laughing about our nintendo game was Craig letting our nephew ‘teach’ him how to play.  My favorite part was when my nephew was told that he needed to take turns playing.  To him this meant that it was Craig’s turn.  Then his turn.  Then my turn. Then his older sister’s turn…Then… his turn.  🙂

helping handsPINIMAGE

It was great to see our family!

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I shouldn’t really joke about scarlet fever since I had twice as a baby and my parent’s thought I’d die from it.  (sorry mom if you’re reading) All my other attempts to be witty included references to Scarlett Johansson and they weren’t any funnier.

The February Ruby Snap cookie of the month was delicious Scarlett! It was a yummy red velvet cookie with cream cheese frosting.  It was heavenly!  Three months of my Ruby Snap bucket list down.  Nine more to go and a whole lot of gym time 🙂


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Yesterday this beauty came in the mail for Craig.diplomaPINIMAGE

I’m really proud of him for graduating in a field that he loves.  Now comes the $3ok paper conundrum.  What to do and where to work?

I hate not knowing.  I like to have a plan.  I like for things to fit into pretty boxes (preferably cute little boxes that are handmade).  We’ve talked a lot about what comes next and nothing feels right, yet.   One thing I do know,  now is the time for a lot of faith and a lot of action.

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My dream rental car would be a tiny little sports car that makes it easy to (legally) zoom in and out of traffic with the wind blowing through your hair.  When I arrived at the Hertz Car Rental in Las Vegas I was really excited to hear we received a complimentary upgrade to a sports car.  However…driving around with six girls would make a sports car practically impossible.  Instead we upgraded to the mini van 🙂  PINIMAGEOne of my favorite days at my photography conference included us going out to the old part of Las Vegas.  It had such a different feel from the casinos, commotion and bright lights.  I loved seeing the chipped paint, architectural personality and vibrant colors.
My favorite sign of the trip:PINIMAGEPINIMAGE

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Last week I was at a photography conference for Wedding & Portrait Photographers from around the world, WPPI.  You might remember me talking about WPPI last year. It was a fun whirlwind of learning and making new friends.  One night we went out on the strip trying various techniques we’d learned in our classes.  I was intrigued by how this bright, crazy and loud city was full of color and patterns.PINIMAGEPINIMAGEI’ve been to Vegas many times but never stopped to watch the fountains at the Bellagio.  They were beautiful!  I stayed there for 45 minutes to watch the fountain three times.  The first two times I was so caught up in experiencing the fountains for myself that I forgot to take a single picture.  The last song I remembered and pulled out my camera 🙂PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEThe final time watching the fountains I looked to my left and watched this couple get engaged!  It was cute and over the top romantic!PINIMAGEWe wandered in an out of buildings taking pictures of each other and I loved the colors of lights around me.

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