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A very simple and profound reminder.   logan utah photographerPINIMAGE

Happy Thursday!

Image Credit: Ali Edwards.

Also a huge plug for Pinterest where I initially found this great quote and many, many other amazing/crafty/delicious/beautiful/inspiring/though provoking/adorable/practical/resourceful things! If you’re on pinterest leave your pinterest username in the comments.  I would love to follow you!  I like the great variety there.  If you’ve never checked out pinterest go and do it today 😀

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These cousins are adorable.  You may remember seeing them a few weeks ago HERE.  Today in honor of their grandma’s birthday I wanted to share part two of our photo session.  We had the opportunity to take a few more pictures of the cousins together, since everyone was in town for Chase & Yeon Mi’s wedding. I loved when we put the little ones side by side and they instantly held hands and then when Addy started to get fussy, her cousin Andy, put his hand on her shoulder.  It was adorable!
cousins togetherPINIMAGEAddy has beautiful deep blue eyes.  I was excited to see how much she has grown since I saw her last. northern utahPINIMAGE
little girl photographPINIMAGEphotograph of little girlPINIMAGELook at these cute little curled toes!  Andy is adorable!photograph of little boys toysPINIMAGEThis is a series of Andy pulling himself up for the first time to stand on his own.  I love the third picture in the series and his face of nervousness.  The final photo that shows his giant triumphant smile is adorable.  It was so fun for me to photograph this milestone for Andy.  I love the little milestones that children accomplish!photo of little boy standing for first timePINIMAGE
portrait photo of little boyPINIMAGE

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  • Belinda Fanjul Olsen - A special Happy Birthday post for grandma Shirlene Barney Hicken of her little grandchildren. Come back to Logan and visit soon Nicole Hicken Anderson and Chelsea Hicken Moore!ReplyCancel

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Weddings are beautiful!  I spend more time attending weddings than I do photographing them.  Every now and then I have an existing client, close friend or family friend that will ask me to photograph their wedding.  It’s a treat for me.  After the wedding is over I go back to photographing families and children.

One thing I always do before any photo session, is arrive a few minutes early.  This gives me the opportunity to walk around my photography location and visualize what I’d like to do.  It always helps that I do a consultation with my clients and know what is most important to them and their personalities.  I loved walking around Temple Square while Chase & Yeon Mi were getting married.

Salt Lake City TemplePINIMAGEBeing a daddy’s girl myself, I love to see how a father just beams on his daughters wedding day.  Such love, pride and happiness!Bride and Father on wedding dayPINIMAGEThis wedding was full of supporting family and friends that were there to help.  All of these friends were there  to cheer on the bride and groom.  It was fun to watch the girls squeal at seeing each other looking beautiful and the guys being very jovial.bride and bridesmaids at Salt Lake City TemplePINIMAGEBride & bridesmaidsPINIMAGEgroom and groomsmenPINIMAGELogan Utah Family PhotographerPINIMAGEChase looked very handsome and was grinning from ear to ear all day long.  Yeon Mi looked radiant and very well poised. (despite the fact that she was up at 3AM to start getting ready and making the drive from Logan to Salt Lake!)
bride and groom salt lake city templePINIMAGEAll of the flowers were done from Flowers Squared Floral Shop on Temple Square and they were beautiful!   I have always loved calla lilies and think of them as a very timeless and classy wedding flower.  (sorry it’s the former florist coming out in me!) brides flowers and detailsPINIMAGE

bride and groomPINIMAGEThe luncheon was held at the Joseph Smith Memorial building in the president’s room.  The food was amazing and the program was wonderful.  All of the siblings and Chase’s groomsmen sung ‘The Twelve Days of Marriage’ and gave Chase & Yeon Mi various tips, gifts and wedding advice with each day.  It was hilarious!luncheon celebrationPINIMAGEOne thing that Yeon Mi said over and over again was how excited she was to now be an aunt.  It was a top priority for her to be photographed with her niece and nephew.  The little ones were absolutely adorable in their wedding attire.  You may remember seeing those adorable little ones HERE.bride holding childrenPINIMAGE
The reception was held in the lower level of Sherwood Hills and Yeon Mi’s family took great care to decorate and place their engagement and formal pictures throughout the entire room.  This cake cutting was one of the most memorable (and messy) cake cuttings I’ve seen in a while!  It was a great highlight of their reception that really showed Chase & Yeon Mi’s personalities that look for fun in every situation.

couple cutting cakePINIMAGE

CONGRATULATIONS Chase & Yeon Mi!  Thank you for letting me share a special part of your beautiful wedding!

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  • Belinda Fanjul Olsen - Congratulations Chase Hicken and Yeon Mi Hicken on your beautiful wedding! Thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful day!ReplyCancel

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I love going into a client’s home and seeing images that I have created on their walls.  When I visit the Rodemack family home I always smile.  One, because I honestly love their family!  Two, I love to see photographs I have taken throughout their home.  It’s always a fun time visiting their family.  I adopt myself into most families I photograph.  My little ‘Cannon Ball’ is no different. One day I’m pretty sure he’ll call me ‘Aunt Belinda’.  Given the fact that he is just starting to piece together sentences, a really long name like Belinda will just have to wait a little bit longer.

His mom requested that we go to their family favorite park down on the island in Logan.  This was my first time photographing at this location and we all really had fun.
northern utah family park photograph locationPINIMAGECannon’s dad decided to put him in this tree for a few pictures.  His dad stayed really close to be my safety spotter.  I love the way the sunlight was shining through this tree.  This photograph is 100% straight out of camera.  I love the light and etherial look to it.little boy photographed with family near byPINIMAGEI really feel that these last two pictures really capture Cannon’s personality.  He is just a happy go lucky little boy.   He has a lot of personality and when he wants something he goes for it 100%.  (if you call that stubbornness he gets that from his dad.  If you call that persistence, he gets that from his mom)  🙂   These pictures were captured in reaction to the thunder we heard.  Needless to say, our session was cut short due to an intense downpour that came out of nowhere.  Who knew we would have such a crazy Logan rainstorm in J-U-L-Y?   The best part for me was that I was able to spend another day with the Rodemack family.  You’ll see more from their second shoot later this week.only child in family photographed at logan utah family parkPINIMAGEnorthern utah family and child childrens photographerPINIMAGE

 You’ll see more from their second shoot later this week!  If you’d like to see some of the Rodemack’s other sessions, you can see them HERE and HERE.

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I LOVE being an aunt!  I think that I have the most adorable nieces and nephews. Ever.  On both sides of my family! I convinced my brother and sister in law to let me have the most valuable part of their family for a weekend.  Little did I know that it was the first time spending the night at someone else’s house.  I think that everyone (including mom) had a good experience with their first sleepover.

I had really high hopes of photographing every little detail and fun we did.  Let me say, there is a big difference in entertaining kids for an hour or two and entertaining them for a weekend!  Craig had to work a ten hour shift on Saturday and we missed him for most of the fun.   We played lots and lots and lots.  I was originally thinking I would have more of my nieces and nephews come for ‘Camp Aunt Belinda & Uncle Craig’.  It ended up working up a little better to just take one family of kiddos for a weekend and have another family come another weekend.

First, I decided that it would be fun to have a pirate party.  I decorated with balloons, a pirate pennant and clues for a treasure hunt.  We watched ‘Peter Pan‘ our first night and then had a giant sleepover in the living room with everyone.  I don’t have night lights, so I bought necklace glow sticks for everyone to wear and put a little trail to the bathroom and kitchen.  Now I REALLY wish I would’ve photographed this!  It was hilarious to see us all in our bracelets, headbands and sleeping bag zipper pulls that glowed.  For the first half hour we dueled with glow stick swords and giggled.  It was fun!


Logan Utah Family PhotographerPINIMAGESaturday we decorated pirate cupcakes and treasure chests to put our loot into, went on a treasure hunt, made homemade hooks, popped cannonballs (aka balloons with gold dollars and other goodies inside them) and went to a movie.  I think the best treasure everyone found was playing our X-Box Kinect where your body is the remote.  When my brother and sister in law came to pick everyone up, they even played and had fun!  I wish that Craig would’ve been able to join us for more of the weekend.  Logan Utah Family PhotographerPINIMAGE

Being an aunt is great!

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