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It’s no secret that I love instagram! I love seeing the world through a little square.  I love it so much I’ve thought about buying a Hasselblad (a film camera that shoots in square format) but that must wait for a little while.

Breakfast food is my favorite but I’m really, really bad at eating breakfast. I’ve been trying to be better!  It helps when I go visit my brother at the the Logan Farmer’s Market for his yummy fruit pancakes.  My sister in law sells her delicious buttermilk syrup.  You can check out more of their info on Facebook.
Stacked Pancakes InstagramPINIMAGEbreakfast omelets instagramPINIMAGEI recently purchased a film camera.  I love doing my personal work on film and playing around. I love the pastel colors and how it makes me slow down and relax.  Photo proofs Richard Photo LabPINIMAGE
My favorite summertime dish, caprese salad!  One day I want to make my own mozzarella to add to garden tomatoes and basil. YUMMY!
caprese salad instagramPINIMAGEDIY cheetah pattern manicure using a toothpick.  It was fun and easy.weekly DIY manicure instagramPINIMAGEWe finally had rain.  It’s been a crazy dry summer not just in Logan but all over Utah.  This rain helped with all the crazy fires we’ve had throughout the state.  We had some close calls with various family that live by the fire in Harriman and a fire in Millville.  All of our family is safe and lucky.  It breaks my heart to think of people that lost their homes.rain instagramPINIMAGE
To end the week, we went boating and tubing at Willard Bay with my step mom’s family.   I’d never been there before.  It was a lot of fun and great to see everyone!  bird while boating instagramPINIMAGEI’ve been playing my cello a lot lately.  I wish playing my cello was like riding a bike and it all just came back in the blink of an eye.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  I’ve lost my calluses and forgotten some of the basics.  I’ve been doing regular practice  100% for me.  It’s really relaxing and therapudic.  instagram celloPINIMAGE

Life is great!

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I always love seeing fireworks with my husband.  Our first unofficial date was watching fireworks at the Logan fairgrounds for the 24th of July.  It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, any fireworks make me think of that night.  Having the 4th of July in the middle of the week made me think every day was the weekend. {I hope I wasn’t the only one} It through off my internal clock. A lot. We didn’t have any formal plans to watch the fireworks and drove around until we were at a place we could see the fireworks and have minimal traffic after.  On our way home we sang Lee Greenwood’s, ‘Proud To Be An American’ at the top of our lungs. 🙂PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

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One of my favorite things about summertime…snow cones!  Thanks to one of lovely brides, Lindsey, I learned about this hidden Cache Valley secret.  Pink’s!

Pink’s is this little snow cone shop located in Smithfield.  They offer fresh strawberries, coconut and sweetened condensed milk topping on each snow cone.  I highly recommend you go on try it.  If you need a snow cone buddy, give me a call!  I’d love to go back and take photos with more than my telephone 🙂


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I love Instagram!  I’ve really enjoyed slowing things down and taking dozens of photos every day of my little camera phone.  They’re not the most beautiful photos, but it’s fun to see the world through a little square lens.  So far in the last few days I’ve:

-Visited with friends who had an awesome chicken coop

-Took out the trash.  Honestly this was the view right next to my giant dumpster!PINIMAGE– Went to SLC for a beautiful and humbling photography session with Flashes of Hope

-Visited my parent’s on Father’s Day and admired their awesome flower gardenPINIMAGE-Watched the sunset near my work on the west side of Logan

-The sunset walking back from the Cache Valley SummerfestPINIMAGE-The best breakfast ever is brûléed steel cut oats with fruit, a variation from Two Peas and Their Pod

-Made a delicious beef wellington to share with friends PINIMAGE-I love my new leopard flats.  They go with everything and anything.  Thank you Mr. Target!

-I’m still in love with nail polish and always looking for fun new things to try like this pinking shears technique.PINIMAGE-Summer is here and we’ve feel grilling away

-my favorite place in Logan now does half of sushi Tuesdays!  Yay for Happy Sushi!
PINIMAGE-A large group of my high school friends got together for a baby shower. I’ve never seen the Bluebird so lively!

-I have a snow cone addiction.  The cute little place on 4th north is my favorite.  They make the best tiger’s blood.  (who came up with that name anyway!)PINIMAGE-my newest medium format film camera! Yet another true love!

-At work we’ve been doing cardio on the hour every hour for a minute.  I giggled the whole time watching my coworkers do jumping jacks.PINIMAGE

If you can’t tell, life is good.  We’re happy and life is great.  If you’d like to catch up and see more of my Instagram fun, check it out here.

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